Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems


Installation, Repair, And Maintenance Services For Residential Sprinkler Systems 

Residents in Chicago and the surrounding area require a trustworthy option for sprinkler system installation, repair, and maintenance services, and we are able to provide that for them. We are aware that these systems require regular maintenance in order to continue functioning effectively as the primary line of defense against fires, thereby preserving both property and lives.

All sorts of fire prevention systems and equipment, including wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action systems, can be expertly repaired and maintained by the trained personnel at Alpha Fire, who are experts in these fields. Because it has been demonstrated through experience that performing routine maintenance is the most significant factor in ensuring the fire sprinkler system has a longer lifespan, selecting a qualified contractor to carry out repairs and maintenance is essential. Our business have both the appropriate qualifications and the level of experience necessary to do any task to the highest possible standard.
Sprinkler head
sprinkler head

Fire Sprinkler System Repair

When a client calls Alpha Fire with a problem with their fire sprinkler system, we fix it quickly. The most common problems for Chicago homeowners and business owners are basic emergency repairs, fire pump service, sprinkler head relocation, dry and pre-action system trips, and backflow repair. But we're ready to look at any situation and figure out what's wrong with your fire sprinkler system if it's not working right.

No matter if your fire sprinkler line is above or below ground, we have the tools to figure out what's wrong and get your system back up and running, no matter what time it is. We can fix valves, fix or replace fire hydrants, fix or replace tamper switches, and fix or replace sprinkler heads. If any part of your system doesn't work right, we know how to fix it.
Sprinkler system
Sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Our company helps clients with a wide range of maintenance tasks that give them confidence that their fire sprinkler system will work when needed. We will fix the problem if a compressor is starting to run more than it should. If a dry system needs to be prepared for the cold winter, we'll have it ready before the first frost. These are common maintenance problems that Chicago homeowners face often, so let us take care of the regular upkeep.

Our maintenance services also help our clients stay in line with the constantly changing Chicago fire codes. Don't wait for a disaster to happen before you find out how well your fire sprinkler system works. Give us a call today to set up a time for one of our certified professionals to visit your building. You can count on us to keep your property and people safe.

Benefits Of A Fire Sprinkler System In Your Home

Home interior
Safer fire service: When home fire sprinklers are used, the risk for firefighters goes down because the sprinklers put out the fire earlier and make it less intense.

Fast response to your home: Because they are more sensitive to heat, modern residential sprinklers are made to respond to fires faster than commercial or industrial sprinklers.

Aesthetically pleasing: Fire sprinklers for homes are smaller and less obvious than those for businesses or factories. Color options are available.

Reliable: Laboratory tests show that sprinkler systems are more than 95 percent "failsafe." Sprinklers are turned on one at a time.
Sprinklers can protect your home investment by putting out fires quickly and putting out fires quickly. Sprinklers can limit the damage caused by smoke and fire, and they do less damage than water damage from firefighting hose lines.

Simple installation: Adding a sprinkler system to a home that is being built or remodelled requires only a small amount of extra piping and work, and it makes the residents much safer.
Retrofitting: Installing a sprinkler system in an existing home is a little more complicated than installing one in a new home, but we are experts at it. This will protect you and the people you care about in case of a fire.

Low water needs: Fire sprinklers in homes can be hooked up to the house's water supply and use less water than systems in businesses and factories.

Low cost: A sprinkler system costs about as much as new cabinets or carpets.

Lower insurance rates: Putting in a sprinkler system could make your insurance rates go down.

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Protecting yourself and the people who are important to you most by having a residential sprinkler system installed in your new house is without a doubt the most efficient and cost-effective way to do it.

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